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Riddle O’Day – March Answers

Here are the answers to the Riddle O’Day riddles that are used each March at Big Sea Games. They are in alphabetical order by the first word of the riddle, when applicable. If you’re playing in another month, you can find that month’s riddles at our Riddle O’Day Answers list page. For the latest news and information on Riddle O’Day, check out our archive of Riddle O’Day posts.

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Archived Riddles – March

A vital body part am I
Without my first
I fall from the sky
Remove two more
And without a doubt
You will never find me out

By every miss I’m valued much
Beloved and highly prized
Still my cruel fate is such
By boys I am often despised

Created before
But made today
This thing is used most
When others are asleep

Dogs shouting at the moon
Or Armor worn by trees
A sharply spoken command
Or a vessel, upon the seas

Flies without wings
Strikes without beak
Has no eyes
But to a target will seek

Four more
Than a spider’s legs
One less
Than a baker’s eggs

Has a face, two hands
It moves before you eyes
When it goes its body stands
And when it stands it lies

Here I sit to guard the crown
Aloft in air I reign
Above the king’s snooty frown
Or statesman’s plotting brain

I have legs but seldom walk
I backbite many but never talk
I seek places that can hide me
Because those that feed me
Cannot abide me

I have no head
And a tail I lack
But oft have arms
And legs in back
I like to sit when I’m able
In a house around a table

I saw a fight the other day
A damsel did begin the fray
Her foe received many blows
And bled gallons at the nose

It is by nature, soft as silk
A puffy cloud, white as milk
Snow tops this tropical crop
The dirtiest part of a mop

Its orange eye blinks
The burning tears flow
But what its sorrow is
None may ever know

Its tail is round and hollow
Seems to get chewed a bit
But you’ll rarely see this
Unless the other end is lit

Loved in every age and clime
At every celebration
Since the start of time
Loud, soft, slow, or sad
It makes hearts proud or glad

My start my finish crosses
And in my whole I name
A town in merry England
Of academic fame

On a winter’s day I saw a man
Who unprovoked by ire
Struck brass upon the back
Of a gathering by our fire

One of us in glass is set
And the next is found in jet
Another you will see in tin
And the fourth a box within
If the fifth you should pursue
It will never fly with you

Passed from father to son
Shared between brothers
Yours is very important
But is used more by others

Shared between two
Most often to woo
Sometimes hot
And sometimes cold
The beginning of us all
Young and old

Sometimes sour
Sometimes sweet
Red or yellow
Sometimes green
Often found in
A proud parent’s eye

Summers have me in full gear
The colder it grows
I throw off my clothes
In winter quite naked appear

Surrounded by glass
Pushed in tight
Or a piece of a mountain
If spelled just right

The first two letters
Signify a male
The first three letters
Signify a female
All four letters
Signify a brave person

The language of men
Can be mastered
But what English word
Is always pronounced wrong

These two beaux
Elle sometimes hides
They constantly hang
At her sides

Tiny children
Are born without
A lot of this
There is no doubt

Tiny little brethren twain
Arbiters of loss and gain
Toss them out and get a sum
Either win or be undone

Too much for one
Two is okay
Shared by more
It goes away

Two of three words
Combine to become me
The first is five pair
The second is a snare
And try as you might
I’m the same left or right

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