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Riddle O'Day – April Answers

Here are the answers to the Riddle O’Day riddles that are used each April at Big Sea Games. They are in alphabetical order by the first word of the riddle, when applicable. If you’re playing in another month, you can find that month’s riddles at our Riddle O’Day Answers list page. For the latest news and information on Riddle O’Day, check out our archive of Riddle O’Day posts.

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Archived Riddles – April

A precious gift
Yet it has no end
No beginning
And in the middle

All about the house
With his maid he dances
Yet he always works
And never romances

Big Fish Games Riddle O’Day - A S W S U U I P T M N R U M T I M E E N N R R G

Be sure to shout
For its answers are weak
There is no language
It cannot speak

Bold are the first
True are the second
Playful are the third
Nave are the fourth
Forceful are the fifth

Cold as death
But ever breathing
Never thirsty
But ever drinking
Covered in mail
But never clinking

Colorful without dye
Flammable in death
Sway without music
Breathe without breath

Riddle O’Day - HORSE

Riddle O’Day - SNOW

First there is thunder
But no lightning paid this debt
Glowing rain pours down
But the earth is far from wet
Snow fills the sky
And the mountain is reset

In the sun it likes to play
In the rain it goes away
Walk or run it always follows
In the mud it always wallows

It has plenty of backbone
But doesn’t have a leg
It peels like an orange
But it comes from an egg

Listn fiends
Fo I speak nly the tuth
This is a lie

Big Fish Games Riddle O’Day - L W O H K R A B L I A T S W A P E N O B K C I L

Package beneath a tree
Inside a tasty treat
Keep it for a month
The taste is just as sweet

Put into a pit
Locked beneath a grate
Watched through the night
Yet it still goes out

Big Fish Games Riddle O’Day - Round and Round they Go

Said as one letter
But written in three
The same in both directions
This enables one to see

She has one
A person has two
A citizen has three
A human being has four
A personality has five
An inhabitant of earth has six

Short and hot
Often expressive
But shown to others
It is rarely impressive

The answer is not
as jumbled as this:
but the meaning
is the same

The answer
to this riddle
is unknown

The older this thing grows
The more valued it becomes
It is always much better
When its breathing is done

These things trap warmth
Yet spray water and ice
Those who want to touch them
Had better think twice

They come in pairs
For work or play
You always fill them
With empty hands

They have six faces
But are nose and mouth free
They have twenty one eyes
But still cannot see

This is light as a feather
There is truly nothing in it
Yet most men can’t hold theirs
For more than a minute

This is often served
When two people are wed
It was mentioned by Marie
Before she lost her head

This thing can bat
But never hit
It is next to a ball
That is never thrown
It is good luck when found
And it falls when it is lost

Throw away the outside
Cook what is within
Then eat the outside
And toss the inside in the bin

What force and strength
Cannot get through
This with a gentle touch can do
To get in from out it can’t be beat
But a pick in a pinch
Is a good way to cheat

Riddle O’Day - BEAUTY (What goes around comes around, IT IS ONLY SKIN DEEP)

When found it is black
When used it turns red
When it turns white
You know it is dead

You can always see it
But it’s too far away to touch
Mountains rest on it
At sea it surrounds you

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