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Unwell Mel Ranks and Awards

Unwell Mel

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Unwell Mel Ranks

Rank 1: Quack
Rank 2: Proctologist
Rank 3: Candy Striper
Rank 4: Med Student
Rank 5: Intern
Rank 6: Chiropractor
Rank 7: Plastic Surgeon
Rank 8: Podiatrist
Rank 9: Dermatologist
Rank 10: Radiologist
Rank 11: Neurosurgeon
Rank 12: Brain Surgeon

Unwell Mel Awards

Unwell Mel - Gunkologist Award
Destroy 950 pieces of gunk

Unwell Mel - Medical Baggage Award
Medical Baggage
Match a total of 500 medical bags

Unwell Mel - Kobayashi Award
Match 63 hot dogs

Unwell Mel - Four Play Award
Four Play
Make a 4 match 200 times

Unwell Mel - Top Doc Award
Top Doc
Complete a total of 25 levels without using any powerups

Unwell Mel - Fever Buster Award
Fever Buster
Cure 3 diseases with the word “Fever” in the title

Unwell Mel - Oil is Well Award
Oil is Well
Destroy 250 pieces of gunk with the Big Fish Oil powerup

Unwell Mel - A Dose a Day Award
A Dose a Day
Finish the Daily Dose 10 times

Unwell Mel - Hemo Therapy Award
Hemo Therapy
Destroy 100 Hemogoblins before they turn into gunk

Unwell Mel - Botch-alism Award
Use the Ralph Hurley powerup 50 times

Unwell Mel - Malpractice Award
Run out of moves 25 times

Unwell Mel - Tummy Tucker Award
Tummy Tucker
Achieve the rank of “Plastic Surgeon”

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