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Thunderbolt 21 Ranks and Awards

Thunderbolt 21

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Thunderbolt 21 Ranks

Rank 1: Cloudy Sky
Rank 2: Light Rain
Rank 3: April Shower
Rank 4: Squall
Rank 5: Cloudburst
Rank 6: Rainstorm
Rank 7: Thunderstorm
Rank 8: Deluge
Rank 9: Tempest
Rank 10: Typhoon
Rank 11: Cyclone
Rank 12: Hurricane

Thunderbolt 21 Awards

Thunderbolt 21 - Cloud Bust Award
Cloud Bust
Create 15 busts in a row

Thunderbolt 21 - Win Streak Award
Win Streak
Score 21 at least 10 times in a row

Thunderbolt 21 - Squall of the Wild
Squall of the Wild
Achieve the rank of Squall

Thunderbolt 21 - Even Steven Award
Even Steven
Finish 10 games with the same number of wins as busts

Thunderbolt 21 - Four Score Award
Four Score
When selecting bonus cards, pick at least two 4′s 10 times

Thunderbolt 21 - Figure 8 Award
Figure 8
Finish a game with no busts and at least eight 21′s

Thunderbolt 21 - 21 Fun Salute Award
21 Fun Salute
Score a 21 a total of 250 times

Thunderbolt 21 - Prospero Award
Achieve the rank of Tempest

Thunderbolt 21 - Blackjack! Award
Make a 21 with two cards (an ace and a face card) 150 times

Thunderbolt 21 - Lightning Bolt Award
Lightning Bolt
Score at least a dozen 21′s and finish with time left on the clock

Thunderbolt 21 - Blackjackpot Award
Earn 100 jackpot spins

Thunderbolt 21 - Bonus Wagner Award
Bonus Wagner
Score a 21 using 3 or more bonus cards

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