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Plunder Ranks and Awards


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Plunder Ranks

Rank 1: Bootlicker
Rank 2: Bilge Rat
Rank 3: Swabbie
Rank 4: Cook
Rank 5: Gunner
Rank 6: Boatswain
Rank 7: Buccaneer
Rank 8: Corsair
Rank 9: Officer
Rank 10: First Mate
Rank 11: Captain
Rank 12: Legend

Plunder Awards

Plunder - Bad Pirate Award
Bad Pirate
Lose all your pirate ships before reaching level 3

Plunder - Good Pirate Award
Good Pirate
Clear all the mines on the screen 10 times

Plunder - Bombs Away Award
Bombs Away
Destroy ten or more mines with a single click 100 times

Plunder - Power Play Award
Power Play
Use 4 power-ups on one level 5 times

Plunder - Messy Locker Award
Messy Locker
Find an item once owned by Davey Jones

Plunder - Lucky Pirate Award
Lucky Pirate
Find an item worth more than 15,000 doubloons

Plunder - Doubloon Your Pleasure Award
Doubloon Your Pleasure
Plunder 100 treasures worth more than 1,000 doubloons

Plunder - Capital Punishment Award
Capital Punishment
Sink 50 Capital Ships

Plunder - Pirate Wear Award
Pirate Wear
Collect all 7 pirate items

Plunder - Golden Years Award
Golden Years
Collect 100 rare treasures and retire

Plunder - Luminescence Award
Find 5 luminescent items

Plunder - Movin' On Up Award
Movin’ On Up
Earn the rank of “Officer”

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