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L.O.B.E. Ranks and Awards


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L.O.B.E. Ranks

Rank 1: Blockhead
Rank 2: Politician
Rank 3: Halfwit
Rank 4: Student
Rank 5: Prodigy
Rank 6: Scholar
Rank 7: Professor
Rank 8: Scientist
Rank 9: Mastermind
Rank 10: Brainiac
Rank 11: Genius
Rank 12: Einstein

L.O.B.E. Awards

L.O.B.E. - Hard Road Award
Hard Road Award
Complete 100 puzzles on Hard difficulty mode

L.O.B.E. - Dot Master Award
Dot Master
Complete “Hit the Dots” on Hard difficulty mode 30 times

L.O.B.E. - Word Whiz Award
Word Whiz
Win the Genius Bonus for “Ciphrase”, “Gridwords”, or “Tri-Words”

L.O.B.E. - Chance Taker Award
Chance Taker
Choose Chance (the question marks) on the brain screen 50 times

L.O.B.E. - Maze Master Award
Maze Master
Create a trail in “Happy Trails” that uses more than 50% of the pieces

L.O.B.E. - Brain Surgery Award
Brain Surgery
Earn enough stars to open all the bonus brains in a single game

L.O.B.E. - Mouse Master Award
Mouse Master
Complete “Mouse Untrap” on Hard difficulty mode 10 times

L.O.B.E. - Brainstorm Award
Earn 10 daily spins

L.O.B.E. - Evil Genius Award
Evil Genius
Win a Genius Bonus for any puzzle

L.O.B.E. - Perfect Logic Award
Perfect Logic
Complete “Logic Line” without moving any characters once they are in line

L.O.B.E. - Math Whiz Award
Math Whiz
Earn the Genius Bonus for “Knockout” or “E-Quations”

L.O.B.E. - Speed Whiz Award
Speed Whiz
Earn the Genius Bonus for “Pic Search” or “Shape Flash”

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