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Fairway Solitaire Ranks and Awards

Fairway Solitaire

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Fairway Solitaire Ranks

Rank 1: Spectator
Rank 2: Caddie
Rank 3: Duffer
Rank 4: Beginner
Rank 5: Amateur
Rank 6: Pigeon
Rank 7: Instructor
Rank 8: Pro
Rank 9: Medalist
Rank 10: Tour Pro
Rank 11: Champion
Rank 12: Superstar

Fairway Solitaire Awards

Fairway Solitaire - Mulliganless Stew Award
Mulliganless Stew
Finish 25 courses under par without using a mulligan

Fairway Solitaire - Smile at the Birdie Award
Smile at the Birdie
Score 100 birdies

Fairway Solitaire - Absolutely Perfect Award
Absolutely Perfect
Clear all the cards and get a Perfect Score 10 times

Fairway Solitaire - Eau de Toilet Award
Eau de Toilet
Flush the gopher

Fairway Solitaire - Anger Management Award
Anger Management
Break 15 clubs

Fairway Solitaire - Three Removal Award
Three Removal
Remove 2 threes in a single run (e.g., 2, 3, 4, 3)

Fairway Solitaire - Montezuma Award
Earn the 5x “runs” bonus

Fairway Solitaire - Beat The Baron Award
Beat The Baron
Finish The Baron with a score of par or better

Fairway Solitaire - Eagle Eye Award
Eagle Eye
Find 100 wedges

Fairway Solitaire - Anemia (No Irons) Award
Anemia (No Irons)
Score under par on a course without using any irons

Fairway Solitaire - Full 18 Award
Full 18
Score under par on an 18-hole course

Fairway Solitaire - Greedy Gopher Award
Greedy Gopher
Meet the gopher 25 times

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