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Big Sea Games Leagues

bigfishslotsThe following is a list of all public leagues at Big Sea Games. Right now, the following leagues are playing in Team Bingo. If you’d like to add your league to this list, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include your League Name, URL, hall/team, and admin’s name. Thanks!

Team Bingo

Plays in: League Hall 1, Team B
Head Admin: fiestyone2

Plays in: League Hall 1, Team G
Head Admin: denijoni

Bingo Brats
Plays in: League Hall 1, Team O
Head Admin: Faithyboo

Best Bingo
Plays in: League Hall 2, Team N
Head Admin: smarty22

Plays in: League Hall 2, Team G
Head Admin: Shortlady

Plays in: League Hall 2, Team O
Head Admin: Chica

Bingo Buds
Plays in: League Hall 3, Team B
Head Admin: Mhunnypot1

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