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Big Fish Slots Trivia Answers

bigfishslotsHere is a list of some of the questions and answers in the chance/trivia round of Big Fish Slots. They are in alphabetical order by the first word of the trivia question or clue.

You can use your browser’s Find feature to find key words from the questions. Use the Edit dropdown on your browser’s toolbar and choose “Find”; in most web browsers you can just use Control-F.

If you know you’re not going to win, go for the ?’s and take note of your trivia questions and answers for us. Submit them via email!

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A muddy or marshy area of water:
- Bayou

A mythological god or goddess associated with water is:
- Neptune, Oceanus, Naiad, Poseidon

A popular condiment for fish and chips is:
- Brown sauce, Curry sauce, Ketchup, Tartar Sauce, Vinegar

A sea cucumber mostly resembles what:
- Slimy pickle

A standard frozen fish stick is made from:
- Haddock

An appropriate fish to have in your home aquarium is:
- Giant gourami, Neon tetra, Angelfish

An area of water formed by a recession of land:
- Cove, Bight, Spit, Gulf

Another word for fish eggs is:
- Roe, Ikura, Tobiko

Aquatic life often found in ponds includes:
- Turtles, Tadpoles

Can you name a fish often found in Sushi?
- Tuna

Can you name an animated film that features fish?
- The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo

Equipment associated with fly fishing includes:
- Rod and reel

Fish are equipped with?
- Scales

Fishermen often use which of the following as bait:
- Corn, Flies, Frogs, Doughballs, Crickets, Worms

Goldfish come in many varieties including:
- Comet, Broadtail Moor

Many birds live near the sea, including:
- Albatross, Tern, Booby

Many birds live on or around the ocean including:
- Albatross

Many great novels have been written about the sea including:
- Captain Courageous

Name a country that the Danube River flows through or borders.
- Germany

Name a mythical sea creature:
- Mermaid, Ceteus

Name a type of shark:
- Thresher, Nurse, Tiger

Name a variety of Alaskan Salmon:
- Sockeye

Name a variety of tuna:
- Yellowfin, Bigeye

Name one of the Great Lakes of Africa:
- Lake Edward

Name one of the Great Lakes of North America:
- Ontario, Michigan

Name the body of water that surrounds Antartica:
- Antartic Ocean, Southern Ocean

One of these is an actual fish, find it:
- Harvestfish, Turbot, Sardine

One word that means natural flowing waterway is:
- Creek, River, Brook

Only one fish would be considered tasty. Which one?
- Bluefish, Flounder

Other actors in Incredible Mr. Limpet:
- Don Knotts, Jack Weston, Carole Cook

Other actors in Rumble Fish:
Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Dennis Hopper, Diana Scarwid, Vincent Spano, Nicolas Cage, Laurence Fishburne

Seaweed is an ingredient in which food item?
- Agar, Alginate, Carrageenan

The chemical substance H2O can assume which of these states?
- Solid, Gas, Liquid

The English Channel is bordered on one side by:
- France, Dover

The film “Oceans Twelve” starred which actor?
- George Clooney

The Great Barrier Reef is:
- Near Australia, Coral, Visible from space

The order Cetacea includes ?
- Narwhal, Dolphins, Porpoises, Whales

There are many styles of swimming; among them is the:
- Breaststroke, Crawl, Dogpaddle

What color is Alaska salmon?
- Pink

What do fishermen use to attract fish?
- Doughballs

What do whales eat?
- Plankton, Krill, Fish, Squid

Which actor appeared in the film “Big Fish”?
- Albert Finney

Which actor played in the 1975 movie JAWS?
- Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider

Which actor played in the 1995 movie “Waterworld”?
- Dennis Hopper, Kevin Costner

Which actor starred in the 2006 movie “Poseidon”?
- Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell, Gene Hackman

Which constellation is part of the ship Argo?
- Carign

Which country borders the Gulf of Mexico?
- Cuba, Mexico, The United States

Which country borders the Mediterranean Sea?
- Algeria, Libya, Spain

Which of the following are fish eggs?
- Roe, Caviar, Ikura

Which of the following equipment is used in flyfishing?
- Tacklebox, Flies

Which of the following is a bivalve?
- Scallop, Oysters, Mussels, Clams

Which of the following is a cephalopod?
- Octopi, Squid, Nautilus, Mollusks

Which of the following is a crustacean?
- Lobster, Crab

Which of the following is a gastropod?
- Abalone, Whelk

Which of the following is a salt lake?
- Dead Sea, Aral Sea, Caspian Sea

Which of the following is a seagoing vessel?
- Trawler, Dinghy, Schooner, Clipper, Ironclad

Which of the following is a univalve?
- Abalone, Conches, Periwinkles, Whelk

Which of the following is an echinoderm?
- Starfish, Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin, Sand Dollar, Brittle Stars

Which of the following is an island?
- Cuba

Which of the following is an island country?
- Tasmania, Sri Lanka

Which of the following was an actual pirate rank?
- Gunner

Which of these animals is a fish?
- Angelfish, Betta, Char, Molly, Blowfish, Tilapia, Pike, Anchovy

Which of these aquarium fish requires freshwater?
- Silver Dollar

Which of these characters appeared in The Little Mermaid?
- Flounder, Scuttle

Which of these continents borders the Pacific ocean?
-Australia, Asia, North America

Which of these continents borders the Indian Ocean?
- Africa

Which of these creatures is extinct?
- Pliosaurus, Trilobite, Ichthyosaurus, Megalodon

Which of these fish is bioluminescent?
- Cookie-cutter shark, hatchetfish, Anglerfish, Flashlight fish, pineconefish, Pineconefish, gulper eel, rattle

Which of these fish live 500 meters below the ocean?
- Fangtooth

Which of these fish swim faster than a man can run?
- Swordfish, Black Tuna, Salmon

Which of these is a fish?
- Beta, Anchovy

Which of these is a popular way to prepare or serve shrimp?
- Fried

Which of these is a professional sports team?
- Pirates

Which of these is a source of water for rivers?
- Springs, Runoff, Tributaries, Headwaters, Groundwaters

Which of these is the name of a professional sports team?
- Mariners, Buccaneers, Seahawks

Which of these masses borders the Arctic ocean?
- Asia, Europe, Greenland

Which of these places is below sea level?
- Death Valley, Dead Sea

Which of these plants lives in water?
- Watercress, Kelp, Duckweed

Which of these terms is used to classify water?
- Body, Delta, Canal

Which vessel is part of the classic board game Battleship?
- Aircraft Carrier

Your standard fish stick is made from:
- Hake, Cod, Haddock, Sole

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