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Treasure Quest: Leaderboards

by Lure on May 10, 2010

Treasure Quest LeaderboardsLeaderboards have been added to Treasure Quest on Facebook! This adds back in some of the social aspect of the games that we loved on Big Sea Games. Currently, you and your friends are ranked according to points earned all-time in each game individually.

According to the latest news:

Announcing leader boards! Compare your Treasure Quest skills with your friends. Each game now displays a leader board underneath that will show any of your friends who play that game. You can also challenge those friends to beat your score!

It’s unclear if these leaderboards will be reset each week like many other popular apps do, but you can still challenge your friends to beat your all-time points score by inviting them to play and see where you rank against them in each game on Treasure Quest. If you have no friends who play Treasure Quest, you’ll be automatically #1 — you may be tempted not to invite them to play and stay on top, but hey, what’s the fun in that?

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