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Riddle O’Day Treasure Hunt

by Lure on October 22, 2009

Sure, the most fun parts of Riddle O’Day are answering the riddles, then spending hours waiting for magical creatures to appear. You can, however, have some fun during the slow times by looking to see what other things you may find in the game’s artwork. It’s not an exact science, but you can think of it kind of like finding shapes in clouds.

For example, there’s an image of a person in the tree. To find it easily, press pause. The “D” in “paused” will be right on the body. Here’s Honeybear07′s screenshot:

Body in the Tree: Riddle O'Day

Other people have reported that there’s a monkey near the pause button, a face in a mushroom, and a ..ahem.. derriere in the tree. What have you noticed?

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