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Buy Any Game for $6.99 With No Commitment

by Lure on May 17, 2009

It’s only slightly obvious that I am a big fan of Big Fish Games (laugh). With that said, I’m also a total commitment-phobe. My interests vary from month to month and don’t like getting tied into subscriptions. So the Big Fish Game Club, while a pretty cool idea (get a game each month for only $6.99), is just too much for me and my fleeting interests.

Recently, Big Fish announced that all of their games are now $6.99 — that’s awesome, I thought, I can go grab a few old Pogo deluxe games I never purchased and I can take a look at the Azada series while I’m there. But at first glance it looked like I had to join the club and pay $6.99 monthly FOR A FULL YEAR to get only a game a month. I’ll admit it: at that point, I walked away. I looked at some other sites to see how much their downloads cost, but most of them were $19.99. Yuck.

Today, after a little research, I figured out a way to be able to get any game for $6.99, but not get locked into that 12-month subscription (which ultimately would cost you $83.88). Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Big Fish Games Homepage and click on the red graphic on the left sidebar of the page that says “Gifting Services” (it looks like this graphic below).
  2. Gifting Services

  3. Click on “Start Gifting”.

  4. At this point, it’ll ask you to log in — if you’re already logged in, the site will automatically take you to the Choose your Gift Certificate page, so skip this step. If you don’t have an account, just create one and activate it. They won’t ask for your credit card number and it won’t cost you anything until you actually purchase a game. Plus, their online Game Community is a lot of fun and you can use your account for that too.

  5. Choose your Gift Certificate: for this, just choose the 1 game option — $6.99 — click on Give a Gift Certificate. (If you really want to buy five games, go ahead, but this tutorial is just geared toward buying one game for $6.99.)

  6. Now, Personalize your gift certificate: Fill out the form TO yourself and FROM yourself.

  7. For Billing and Shipping, fill out your information and select and enter your payment method. This is where you’re purchasing a single game for $6.99 (plus tax — mine was 42 cents) and not getting roped into a year of $6.99 monthly fees. Awesome.

  8. After you submit your order, you’ll receive an email with a coupon code for a game.

  9. Head back to the Big Fish Games Home Page, browse to the game you want to purchase, and click on the “Buy Now” button.

  10. On the Cart page, you can enter your coupon code in the box under “Have a coupon code?” It looks like this:
  11. Have a coupon code?

  12. Once you check out, you’ll be able to download your game.

So there you have it — no commitments and a game for $6.99 (plus applicable tax). If you’re looking for suggestions on games to play, check out my daily archive of new releases. (A new game every day!)

I personally LOVE the entire Mystery Case Files series and the Azada series:

And, for whatever reason, Hell’s Kitchen is the top selling game among people who found Big Fish Games through my site. I’ve never played it, but now that I know it’s a top seller among my visitors I may just have to pick it up… for just $6.99!

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