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Guide to Solving Logic Line

by Lure on October 25, 2008

Regular reader djJohnnyD put together a guide on how to beat Logic Line every time, but it only applies to Genius difficulty. The key here is to pick up on the natural patterns that exist within the logic puzzles. He (and I both) hope this helps you with your adventures in L.O.B.E. Thanks djJohnnyD, you’re “Extraordinary!”

First, learn to identify the main characters:

L.O.B.E.'s Logic Line Screenshot 1

As you can see, there is a lot of verbiage in there. Here is what you will want to learn to key in on: focus on the characters that are listed as not being next to two other characters.

L.O.B.E.'s Logic Line Screenshot 2

In this example, Zack is not next to Will or Fern, and Jill is not next to Fern or Ian. Believe it or not, this just gave you all the information you need to solve the puzzle. How? Follow with me.

Did you notice anything in common between those first two characters? Neither of them is next to Fern. On top of that, Big Fish follows a nice pattern, where the person named before the common character goes before them, and the person named after the common character goes after them. Follow with me:

1. Zack is not next to Will or Fern

2. Jill is not next to Fern or Ian

3. Thus, Will – Fern – Ian go together in that order.

L.O.B.E.'s Logic Line Screenshot 3

We established that both Zack and Jill both come before these three, since neither of them can be next these characters. The puzzle tells us that Zack cannot be next to Will, which means that:

1. Zack goes into character spot #1

2. Jill goes into character spot #2

L.O.B.E.'s Logic Line Screenshot 4

The final step is moving the last character to the last spot. Who it is does not really matter, since they will be determined for you by this point:

L.O.B.E.'s Logic Line Screenshot 5

Then it is just a matter of moving everyone into his or her spaces. I guarantee this will work every time on Genius. That is, until/unless Big Fish makes any changes. Once you learn to identify the pattern, you will easily be able to beat it in less than 30 seconds.

L.O.B.E.'s Logic Line Screenshot 6

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