SnowGlobe Slots Ranks and Awards


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SnowGlobe Slots Ranks

Rank 1: Partridge
Rank 2: Turtle Dove
Rank 3: French Hen
Rank 4: Bird
Rank 5: Gold Ring
Rank 6: Goose
Rank 7: Swan
Rank 8: Maid
Rank 9: Lady
Rank 10: Lord
Rank 11: Piper
Rank 12: Drummer

SnowGlobe Slots Awards

SnowGlobe Slots - Upset Stomach Award
Upset Stomach
Receive 3 Fruitcakes in a row

SnowGlobe Slots - Inexpensive Gift Award
Inexpensive Gift
Bet 5 tokens and earn more than 500 tokens in a single spin

SnowGlobe Slots - Light Bright Award
Light Bright
Receive 5 Christmas Lights in a single spin 10 times

SnowGlobe Slots - Sweet Tooth Award
Sweet Tooth
Receive 5 Candy Canes in a single spin 5 times

SnowGlobe Slots - Good Haul Award
Good Haul
Earn more than 500 tokens in the bonus game 15 times

SnowGlobe Slots - Red Train Award
Red Train
Find the Red Train

SnowGlobe Slots - Naughty List Award
Naughty List
Earn no tokens for 3 consecutive spins 20 times

SnowGlobe Slots - Spin the Dradle Award
Spin the Dradle
Click the Spin button 750 times

SnowGlobe Slots - Mistletoe Award
Earn 5 wildcards in one spin 3 times

SnowGlobe Slots - Blizzard Award
Earn 5 Snowflakes in one spin

SnowGlobe Slots - Checking It Twice Award
Checking It Twice
Double your tokens successfully on 3 consecutive spins

SnowGlobe Slots - Snow Angels Award
Snow Angels
Find 10 Snow Angels

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