Riddle O’Day Ranks and Awards

Riddle O'Day

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Riddle O’Day Ranks

Rank 1: Leprechaun
Rank 2: Wisp
Rank 3: Fairy
Rank 4: Brownie
Rank 5: Gnome
Rank 6: Dryad
Rank 7: Boggart
Rank 8: Troll
Rank 9: Fairy King
Rank 10: Unicorn
Rank 11: Red Fairy
Rank 12: Fairy Queen

Riddle O’Day Awards

Riddle O'Day Pot O'Gold Award
Pot O’Gold
Win more than 50,000 tokens by answering a single riddle

Riddle O'Day Riddle Master Award
Riddle Master
Solve 25 total riddles

Riddle O'Day Wisp Wallop Award
Wisp Wallop
Catch 250 wisps

Riddle O'Day Fairy Finder Award
Fairy Finder
Catch 500 fairies

Riddle O'Day Gnutty for Gnomes Award
Gnutty for Gnomes
Catch 50 gnomes

Riddle O'Day Boggart Buff Award
Boggart Buff
Catch 100 boggarts

Riddle O'Day Queen's Companion Award
Queen’s Companion
Catch the Fairy Queen 3 times

Riddle O'Day Unicorn Uncoverer Award
Unicorn Uncoverer
Catch the Unicorn

Riddle O'Day CryptoZoologist Award
Catch at least 10 different creatures

Riddle O'Day Glow-in-the-Dark Award
Catch 500 creatures that glow

Riddle O'Day Back to Back Award
Back to Back
Catch the same two creatures back to back 150 times

Riddle O'Day 7 in a Row Award
7 in a Row
Solve the riddle seven days in a row

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