Big Sea Games Rank Calculator

by Lure on October 27, 2009

Without further ado (and with so many heartfelt thanks to Pidgeot for his scripting handiwork), here is a Big Sea Games rank calculator! With this nifty little tool, you can find out exactly how many tokens you need to achieve certain ranks (and in some games, awards) in your favorite Big Sea Games.

Open the Big Sea Games Rank Calculator!

*It’ll open in a pop-up window, so you may need to disable your pop-up blocker for this web site. We promise, we won’t spam you with pop-up ads, so you’re safe.

The form will ask you to choose a game, then enter the amount of tokens you’ve earned in the game so far. You can find this information in the Token Tracker of the main Game Info panel at the bottom of your game screen. You’ll want to enter the amount of tokens listed under “This Game” It looks like this:

Big Sea Games Token Tracker: This Game

Then, choose the rank you’re interested in earning and the calculator will show you how many tokens you need to earn that rank. Voila!

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