Riddle O'Day Creatures List

by Lure on August 27, 2009

Here is a list of all of the creatures you can find in the forest of Big Sea Games’ Riddle O’Day and the token amounts you receive for finding each one:

Creature Image Tokens Room Bonus
Wisp wisp 15  
Fairy fairy 30  
Brownie brownie 50  
Gnome gnome 100  
Dryad dryad 200  
Boggart boggart 500  
Troll troll 1,250  
Fairy King fairy king 3,750 250
Unicorn unicorn 10,000 500
Red Fairy red fairy 30,000 750
Fairy Queen fairy queen 75,000 1,000
Shamrock shamrock JP Spin  

All creatures make a noise when they appear, either a rustling noise or a tinkling bell. There is also a northern lights show, where the sky changes to brilliant colors (screenshots here: 1, 2, 3, 4). Sometimes the northern lights may lure the Unicorn out of hiding.

For more information on Riddle O’Day, check out our Riddle O’Day Riddles collection, or a list of all ranks and awards available for Riddle O’Day.

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