Now in Development: Farm 52

by Lure on April 24, 2009

Attention Farm 51 fans: Big Fish is working on a new version called Farm 52! I’ve only taken a cursory look at it, but I can tell you it’s going to be awesome. Here are some screenshots:

Farm 52 Screenshot 1

Farm 52 Screenshot 2

Farm 52 Screenshot 3

One of the big changes I noticed immediately was the Ribbons section. It contains a list of mini-goals to complete and they’re checked off with a blue ribbon upon completion. The goals are fairly easy: “Meet strange visitors”, “Place a decoration”, “Launch a rocket”, “Harvest a field”, and so on.

In addition, the first time the alien ship visited, it turned one of my chickens into a chihuahua named Princess. How cute! Another upgrade is the addition of a seamstress. You can learn tailoring in the game now. There are also new crops (like peppers) and animals (sheep, probably for wool and tailoring — I just haven’t gotten that far).

You will have to start over with a new farm — this is, after all, a brand new game. Just think of it as a chance to re-do what you messed up with at your original Farm 51 farm. This time, there are ranks to achieve and there will be awards (outside of the ribbons, I believe). It’ll be worth the hassle of starting over with a new farm.

As with any information posted on this site that refers to any FUTURE happenings at Big Fish Games: this is correct at the time of posting, but subject to change in the future. We have been given no official timeline on when these changes will occur. We will, of course, keep you posted as we learn of new developments.

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